Movies Credits
Over the span of more than twenty years, we've created special effects for countless movies: Terminator 3, Artificial Intelligence, Titanic, Godzilla, Mars Attacks, Meet Joe Black, Nicholas Roeg's Heart of Darkness, Bladerunner, and many more.
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  Commercials Credits
We're proud of our reputation within the Commercial Production community, both local and international. Throughout the past twenty years, we've worked with most ad agencies and production companies, providing special effects for many top award-winning campaigns.
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  Television Credits
For over twenty years, we've provided special effects, hero props and sets to many well known television shows, as well as providing special effects for many television network logos.
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  Music Video Credits
We're proud to have worked with many of the top music video directors and musicians on many of the very best, award-winning music videos.
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  Photo Props Credits
We've worked with many of the top international photographers, providing special effects, props, and set pieces: Mark Seliger, Herb Ritts, Tony D'Orio, Peter Lindbergh, and many more.
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  Architectural Credits
We have worked on international projects, monuments, fountains and other big architectural commissions within the fine art world, working with such artists as Claes Oldenburg, Joyce Trieman, Artis Lane, Mary Ann DeVine, and many others.
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