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HERO PROPS covers those props that are critical to a scene and require holding up under close scrutiny. This includes a wide range of items- Oversize props; Weapons; Food (like hundreds of dead fish for Godzilla); Logos, Signs, Titles and elements used within them (like the Days of our Lives Hourglass); and basically any other specialized props a script may call for. Hero props are usually ordered in duplicate or triplicate, so backup hero props are always be standing by should anything happen to the originals.

Some items require the creation of oversize hero props- enlarged for gags (our Jack in the Box son's Football Helmet); storyline (a giant Hallmark Teddy Bear); also for practical photography, when high detail macro shots(a Titlest Golf Club) are needed.

Items that are reduced in scale usually fall into the Miniatures category and can be found in that section. Other Hero props can also be found in the Stunt Props and Statues sections.







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