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MAKEUP EFFECTS are defined very specifically within the industry. They cover prosthetic foam latex, gelatin, silicone, putty, paint and anything in general that is added to the actor's face or body to create a desired illusion.

Lifecasting is a core skill that literally serves as the foundation of prosthetic appliance makeup. The actor's face is carefully molded with alginate, a material so sensitive it will pick up the printing impression on a dollar bill.

A lifecast is made in the alginate mold, cast in a hard material. Alterations to the face are sculpted directly on the lifecast. Once approved, the sculpted parts are molded and cast into appliances which are then painted and applied to the actor's face. Lifecasting is a safe process using very mild, natural materials. Actors chosen to be lifecast should not be claustrophobic. We've lifecast many actors including Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Djimon Hounsou. next

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