Special Effects
is a very broad category. While many other categories included here on our website also fall within special effects, to simplify navigation we include here only specific areas not covered in our other related categories:
Shatter Effects as covered in this section, include effects where objects and living creatures are seen to come apart with the shattered fragments clearly visible in the act of coming apart.
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  Burn/Freeze Effects cover objects and living creatures we have specially created and prepared for the purpose of literally lighting on fire and also those we have carefully set up to give the immediate appearance of being frozen.
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  Stunt Bodies Effects are special effects involving bodies created to withstand extreme stunts where a living creature could not be expected to - falls, impacts, explosions, etc. Also included here are Body Effects where an actor's body is with an effect such as our chest burst effect for Jack Nicholson's President Dale character in 'Mars Attacks.'
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